• A 2009 photograph of the sluice gate which has been hammered shut (note the marks on the top). The only water which is going into the river below the weir is the thin trickle on the right
  • The entire flow of the Witte River is diverted down this channel doing immense ecological damage and depriving the residents of the Eertse Tol village at the top of the Bain’s Kloof pass of the water supply they once enjoyed.
  • In late 2015, after concerns were raised, the Bovlei farmers added this outlet to the sluice gate. The people living at the Bainskloof village and visiting tourists are dependent on this tiny stream for their total water needs.
  • Before: Craig Smith’s painting of Tom Lewin fishing his favourite stretch of Witte River, Paradise Valley(above) before the totality of the river flow upstream of this point was diverted by the Bovlei farmers.

After: Dean Riphagen’s photographs (above) taken in October 2014 showing the Paradise Valley pool. The water temperature had been substantially raised because of the restricted flow. The historic water line can be seen on the big rock to the right of the photograph. Before the flow was taken away the small rock in the middle of the photograph was submerged
  • After: Dr Kas Hamman of CapeNature surveys the damage done by bulldozing Breakfast Pool circa April 1988. Photo by Ed Herbst

Latest News from the Witte

As you are probably already aware the CPS is heavily involved in working to rebuild the Witte river system into a sustainable fishery, capable of supporting the local communities, farmers and our own fishery across these beautiful and historic beats.

This article from the The Times newspaper provides you with the latest update on this situation and the lead the Society is taking in resolving these issues.

Above the weir the water was flowing strongly and, as the underwater photograph (below) indicates, the water was clear and aquatic plant growth was obvious