Please see below the process for new applications as well as renewing your membership. Should you have any queries, please contact us directly. You need to scroll down the interactive form and complete all the details. Once done - please select the blue submit button.

If you have trouble viewing the online form below, please select this link and complete the online form.

Application/Renewal Procedure

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Select your membership type
  3. Select your membership type
  4. Submit the form
  5. Submit the form
  6. Make payment via EFT
  7. Send your confirmation to:
Banking Details

Bank: FNB

Branch: Cape Town

Branch No: 201409

Account No: 50260629356

Reference: Your initials and surname

Types of Membership

Entrance Fee (once off for new members): R110 Ordinary Membership: R610 1st Family Member (spouse): R220
Additional Family Members (children up to/incl age 12 each): R110 Junior Membership (age 13 to and including 18): R280 Student Membership (age 19 to 23): R390
Overseas Membership: R330 Country Membership (residing more than 180km away from clubhouse): R305 Senior Membership (over 65): R280
Temporary Membership valid for 2 Months (add daily rod fee when booking): R300 Members without Annual Dam or River Permits – Daily Rod Fee: R170 Annual Dam Permit: R335
Annual River Permit: R335 Lakenvlei Hut Rental (Friday and Saturday nights): R500 Lakenvlei Hut Rental (Sunday to Thursday nights): R390
Non Members Fishing Rivers (R220 + R45 Forestry Permit): R265