Small Streams

Small Streams

Tom Lewin fishing the Witte Stream – a painting by Craig Bertram Smith


Ed Herbst fishing a typical trout stream in the mountains near Cape Town


The ‘Palm Grip’ fly rod handle developed and made by Cape Town’s Stephen Boshoff


Philip Meyer’s ParaRAB – one of our most successful locally-developed flies


Ed Herbst writes: For me, the small stream tackle, tactics and fly patterns that have evolved within the Cape Piscatorial Society over more than half a century epitomise and define our ethos. Stalking trout, close-range casting with ‘Whisper Rods’ and patterns which have been developed and refined locally celebrate what Ernest Schweibert has called ‘The Song of the Little Stream’. Al McClane, fishing editor for Field & Stream for 30 years and an enormous influence on South African fly anglers in the 1960s and 70s called it ‘Creep ‘n Crawl’ fly fishing. That approach is best summarised for me in the first article I have chosen for this folder, ‘Lilliput Water’ by Peter Turnbull-Kemp.