Lakensvlei Dam

Lakenvlei is the Cape Piscatorial Society’s primary stillwater venue. It is a large, 82 ha, dam in the heart of the Hex River catchment area. Lakenvlei offers members the opportunity to catch some large brown and rainbow trout, with fish over 5lbs being caught. Furthermore, it offers members the ability to fly fish from float tubes, non-motorised boats or by wading from the bank.

Being such a large body of water, the dam offers cool to cold water for trout to thrive in, during much of the year. Although the best fishing is often during the very cold winter months when snow is found capping the surrounding mountains.

Lakenvlei compliments the CPS rivers incredibly well, as the stillwater season does not close during the winter months. This allows members to keep fishing even while the rivers are closed. Apart fromt he dam, the CPS also maintain a small hut at Lakenvlei. This hut can sleep 6 and can be booked via the society when booking fishing at Lakenvlei. Although keep in mind, that the hut is gets booked up quickly so get in early if you want to spend a night at the dam. Accommodation can also be found nearby, at the Klondyke Cherry Farm or at any of the B&Bs in the nearby town of Ceres, if you wish to fish Lakenvlei over multiple days.

Like all CPS water Lakenvlei is a strictly fly fishing only water. At current this venue has a strict catch and release policy and the previous allowed keeping of 2 fish per day over 35cm has been amended.

Fishing is available to members only, although temporary membership to visiting anglers is can be arranged. Keys to access Lakenvlei can be collected from: the Clubroom, Stream X, Upstream, Flytalk or Albe Nel (Ceres) and a deposit of R220 is required. The deposit will be refunded if the keys are returned within 7 days.

Lakenvlei information sheet