A 1979 photograph of Tony Biggs with a RAB taken in Pietermaritzburg by Tom Sutcliffe
Baigent’s Refractas – from a Hardy catalogue

Ed Herbst writes: A C Harrison, founder of the Cape Piscatorial Society, produced the first issue of Piscator in March 1947 on a roneo machine. Thereafter it was printed. The last printed edition was number 143 published in November 2011. I was editor of Piscator from 1990 (issue 122) until 2011 and it has long been my ambition make this vast repository of South African fly fishing history available on our website. That ambition was realised when I met Sunet Terblanche, well known as secretary for the South African Fly Fishing Association (SAFFA). Her company, Virtual 24-7, has started converting the best Piscator articles into digital format for universal internet access.

The Variant and its history